Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A test run of the ATZ rules

I played through my first ATZ game just a few minutes ago. It was just a simple "get a lone rep 3 civ from one table edge to the other".

Here is a quick and dirty of what happened.

Turn 1:
Dr. Teeth (Rep 3 Civ, BA Pistol (single shot) moved onto the board.
Three zombies were rolled and placed (two off to the left, one towards the bottom that had to shift quite a ways to get placed).

Turn 2: Zombies activate, but Dr. Teeth does not.
zombie #1 to the left has LOS of the Dr. and moves towards him.
zombie #2 to the left had to shift slightly during placement and ended up on the far side of a phonebooth so did not have LOS, but moved roughly towards the Dr.
The final zombie (#3) moved stright ahead and contacted a wall, he then moved randomly to the right (this just happened to be the right direction to bring it into LOS of the Dr.'s backside, but still a few inches away)

Turn 3: Zombies activate first, then the Dr.
Zombie #1 charges the Dr, who fires and knocks it down.
Zombie #2 comes into the Dr's LOS. Dr rolls In Sight, but missed. Zombie finishes moving, but still out of melee of the Dr.
Zombie #3 comes just shy of the Dr's rear end.
Dr. fast moves (only 12") towards where zed #1 started from.
Two zombies are rolled for, one appears (#4) 12" towards the top of the board and a second (#5) appears from the same spot zed #3 had started at. But this put it in LOS of where the Dr had ran to.

Turn 4: Dr activates, but zeds do not.
Dr. Teeth fast moves (16") around some vehicles, the phonebooth and the corner of a building. During this run he passed an alley way that zed #4 happened to be looking down.

Turn 5: Zed active, Dr not!
Zombie #1 gets up from being knocked down.
Zombies #2 & #3 move toward the phonebooth area, where they last saw the Dr run towards.
Zombie #4 moves down the alley way it last saw the Dr move across and comes up just half an inch short of grabbing the Dr from behind.
Zombie #5 moves towards the corner of the building it last saw the Dr move around.

Turn 6: Dr. Teeth saves his bacon by activating first, then the Zeds.
Dr got his fast move of 16" and ran for his exit point, not quite there but close.
Zombie #1 moved forward 4" and moved into contact with a car. He turned to his left and moved the final 2". He then could see the Dr at the other end of the board.
Zombie #2 (having lost track of the Dr at this point) moved into contact with a semi-trailer, turned right and wandered into a alcove created by the jack-knifed semi-cab and a roadblock.
Zombie #3 had been shuffling along with #2, but went left instead at the trailer and started towards the table edge point it had started the game at. (weird huh?)
Zombie #4 followed after the Dr keeping him in sight but was well behind.
Zombie #5 walked into a wall and took off to his right. Reaching the corner of the wall, he spotted the Dr from behind, but was still half the table away.

Turn 7 had the Zeds go, but not the Dr.
Zombies #1, 4, & 5 all moved towards the Dr. But none were close enough to get him.
Zombie #2 bounced around his alcove a couple times but ended facing the right direction to get out next time.
Zombie #3 hit the table edge and wander off to his right taking him even farther from any action.

Turn 8 had the Dr go first, but it was all he needed to get off the table for
the "win".

Repeatedly I thought my Dr was going to get bit from behind and not be able to do anything about it. But he certainly was a lucky S.O.B. and made it out of there.

Next time I will have them painted up and will take pictures.

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