Thursday, April 29, 2010

Officer Fozzy's folly

So I decided to give the rookie a chance to run the gauntlet. But he had a bit further to go then the Doctor did. This time I had to get my guy from corner to corner.
Officer Fozzy is a Rep 3 "rookie" police (military) armed with a bolt action rifle.

Wanting to get an idea of what he is up against, Fozzy runs out to the intersection and gets a look around. (not pictured is another zombie moving along the building to Fozzy's left, missed him with the camera)

Fozzy takes a moment to gather his wits... while the Zeds take a moment to finish eating their last victim's wits. (double 6's, but the random event did not apply, something about running out of gas)

Then it strikes Fozzy as a great idea to run his way past the two Zeds he can see... but he got off to a bad start and didn't quite make the distance. In fact he was forced to give ground to a Zed that nearly grabbed him... As he escaped one's grasp, another came around the phonebooth. Fozzy shot at, but missed, the zed. But again jumped back in time to avoid being grabbed. (blue die is where he retired to from the first zombie and fired at the second one, before retiring again)

The gun shot gets all the Zeds on the table (plus a new arrival) all moving in Fozzy's direction. So in another stroke of brilliance, Fozzy takes off for a dark alley.

Of course, just because he took off down the alley, doesn't mean that they wouldn't follow him!

Never stop to catch your breath in a dark alley when you Zeds on your tail! And if for some reason you do? DON"T TURN YOUR BACK ON THE WAY YOU JUST CAME FROM!!!

So in the end it only took a single Zed grabbing the rookie after a fatal mistake. But even if Fozzy had made it past this one, well...

So Fozzy came to a grizzly end this time. Maybe next time out he will find some bait err... I mean a partner to help him out.


  1. great setup! love your streets. where'd u get those? are they from world works?

  2. They are freebie downloads from Fat Dragon. They have sidewalks normally. But that made them too wide for my table, so I trimmed them off.

  3. Hi, Nick. I just learnt about your blogsite from the TMP Horror forum. It's nice to see another zombie blog and even nicer to see you using the ATZ rules. I loved your batrep. It is tricky trying to win with just a Rep:3 PC. Nevermind, there's always next time.

    I recognised your scenery and vehicles straight away as I also have them, although I've never used any of them as I prefer the WWG models. However, for a starter set, your stuff works well plus you have the added bonus that it's free! Freebies are always welcome when you're on a tight budget. Keep up the good work. I've bookmarked your site so I'll be popping in to see how you get on.

    Kind regards from Vampifan.

  4. Yeah I choose to go cheap on my scenery (free buildings, free road tiles, and cardstock cars that I bought 3 or 4 years ago) that way I could over spend on my figures.
    When all the costs are tallied (cardstock, printer ink, miniatures, glue, and paint) so far I have about $400 invested in this. My entire gaming budget for the year. But It should keep me busy building and painting Zeds well into 2011, maybe even 2012.