Thursday, January 13, 2011

A new project scale

For X-mas I got a series of 54mm home casting molds. They are US Army and Middle Eastern opposition. The gaming potential for these is rather obvious. But I was thinking about doing some army vs zeds in this scale as well.
Can anyone suggest some very large zombies? Looking for 54mm or 1/32 scale.
My first thought was to hit the dollar store for some cheap plastic figures and just zed them out. Depending on costs I may just go this route anyways.

Here is a quick pic of the test casts I made with a WF zombie next to them for scale.

Friday, January 7, 2011

"Not so good Al"

I ran through most of my game this evening. In the end I just opted to use the standard ATZ rules. I don't really have the proper figures for the Zombieville setting, maybe sometime soon though.

The game was rather disappointing. I had Fozzy, Irwin, and Taco trying to run from the back of Taco's apartment building to the clinic on the other end of town.

Right from the start it was a down hill run. I rolled max starting zombies and their placement pretty much meant that there was going to be lots of shooting.

First turn Taco "retired" and continued to do so everytime he was tried to rally. He just sort of "duckbacked" into the waiting Zeds.

Fozzy and Irwin did a little better then they normally do. They mananged to fend off a couple bouts of melee combat each and dodged and weaved their way out of the Zed masses.

What didn't feel right was the way I just sort of left Taco to his fate. I was happy to see Fozzy and Irwin get free, but it just didn't seem "in character" for them to abandon Taco. I should have had them grab him and carry him off. They could have, if I hadn't pushed my luck with the rally rolls (he failed to pass more then 1 die four turns in a row!).

Once Fozzy and Irwin had broke free and put a couple turns worth of space between them and the closest Zeds I just ended it. I just couldn't bring myself to finish it after Taco's death.

Of course I am not sure I was really "in the mood" for the game to start with. Maybe next time around I will be more into it.

I have a few pictures for the game, but I am not sure they are worth the effort to post. Next time I will make sure to post some shots.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Still no game, yet...

Yet again time just moved faster then I did. I had hoped last weekend that I would get in a game of ATZ but it just never happened.
Partly because I got caught up in loads of house cleaning and partly because my daughter has been on winter break for the last couple weeks and has kept me pretty busy.
But last night I decided I WILL get in a game tonight. I will have everything setup this afternoon so it's all ready to go once my daughter is off to bed.
I am going to try something new (well sorta). I am going to play a zombie game using the original Chain Reaction/Guns & Girls rules (my favorite of the three editions) and a fan made setting I recently came across called "Zombieville".
It is a very fun looking setup, sort of like ATZ "Day One". But much more "B movie" then the "real life" feel of the ATZ setup. You just have to make it through the first day (roll for encounters each hour) to be rescued.
I am sure it could be expanded to be a whole campaign, but I would just switch to ATZ for that.
Anyways, I plan to kick off the game tonight and should have pics to post in the next couple days (Monday my daughter goes back to school so by then for sure).