Friday, April 30, 2010

Wildlife Expert Irwin

So here is my second converted survivor. This is Irwin. He is a Wildlife Expert and nature show host... or was until the Zed Plague.
He survived the plague because he was lost in the woods at the time (those cuts and scrapes on his clothes were caused by a pack of rabid woodchucks, NOT the living dead).
Normally Irwin is opposed to guns, but for insurance purposes he aways kept this double barreled shotgun in his truck. Now he is glad he did.


  1. "Look at the bright colours on that zed - that means: 'Stay away! I'm dangerous!'"

    Very cool - nice job. :D

    I seem to recall the Reconnaissance in Force folks including something like this in one of their Zombietown write-ups. (Unfortunately, since the RIF site seems to have shuffled off it's mortal coil, I can't be sure.)

  2. Yeah I remember that too, but it was their "Alien Invasion" game I think.
    Originally I was planning on making him a wilderness scout master. But after I finished painting him and taking the pictures my daughter asked me why I painted The Crocodile Hunter, so yeah... :)