Thursday, January 13, 2011

A new project scale

For X-mas I got a series of 54mm home casting molds. They are US Army and Middle Eastern opposition. The gaming potential for these is rather obvious. But I was thinking about doing some army vs zeds in this scale as well.
Can anyone suggest some very large zombies? Looking for 54mm or 1/32 scale.
My first thought was to hit the dollar store for some cheap plastic figures and just zed them out. Depending on costs I may just go this route anyways.

Here is a quick pic of the test casts I made with a WF zombie next to them for scale.

Friday, January 7, 2011

"Not so good Al"

I ran through most of my game this evening. In the end I just opted to use the standard ATZ rules. I don't really have the proper figures for the Zombieville setting, maybe sometime soon though.

The game was rather disappointing. I had Fozzy, Irwin, and Taco trying to run from the back of Taco's apartment building to the clinic on the other end of town.

Right from the start it was a down hill run. I rolled max starting zombies and their placement pretty much meant that there was going to be lots of shooting.

First turn Taco "retired" and continued to do so everytime he was tried to rally. He just sort of "duckbacked" into the waiting Zeds.

Fozzy and Irwin did a little better then they normally do. They mananged to fend off a couple bouts of melee combat each and dodged and weaved their way out of the Zed masses.

What didn't feel right was the way I just sort of left Taco to his fate. I was happy to see Fozzy and Irwin get free, but it just didn't seem "in character" for them to abandon Taco. I should have had them grab him and carry him off. They could have, if I hadn't pushed my luck with the rally rolls (he failed to pass more then 1 die four turns in a row!).

Once Fozzy and Irwin had broke free and put a couple turns worth of space between them and the closest Zeds I just ended it. I just couldn't bring myself to finish it after Taco's death.

Of course I am not sure I was really "in the mood" for the game to start with. Maybe next time around I will be more into it.

I have a few pictures for the game, but I am not sure they are worth the effort to post. Next time I will make sure to post some shots.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Still no game, yet...

Yet again time just moved faster then I did. I had hoped last weekend that I would get in a game of ATZ but it just never happened.
Partly because I got caught up in loads of house cleaning and partly because my daughter has been on winter break for the last couple weeks and has kept me pretty busy.
But last night I decided I WILL get in a game tonight. I will have everything setup this afternoon so it's all ready to go once my daughter is off to bed.
I am going to try something new (well sorta). I am going to play a zombie game using the original Chain Reaction/Guns & Girls rules (my favorite of the three editions) and a fan made setting I recently came across called "Zombieville".
It is a very fun looking setup, sort of like ATZ "Day One". But much more "B movie" then the "real life" feel of the ATZ setup. You just have to make it through the first day (roll for encounters each hour) to be rescued.
I am sure it could be expanded to be a whole campaign, but I would just switch to ATZ for that.
Anyways, I plan to kick off the game tonight and should have pics to post in the next couple days (Monday my daughter goes back to school so by then for sure).

Friday, December 31, 2010

Time just slipped away

I haven't been doing much in the zombie theme of gaming (heck even the blog vanished for awhile and I didn't notice it). I am not sure when I will get back to it either. Though I am hoping to due a small game in the next day or two. Have to clean up my small game area first though.
So maybe there will be a new batrep here sometime next week... just have to see what happens.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And now for something differant

I have mentioned here a couple times about my brother and his family coming for a visit and the plan for some zombie gaming while their here. Well this morning I was hit with an idea.
My brother was the one who first got me into gaming with the original Marvel Super Heroes game put out by TSR in the 80's and early 90's.
Well I had the idea of using the Marvel rules (which can be found for free these days if you go hunting around the web) to run a zombie game. The game was written with the use of a map in mind. But I have decided to go with miniatures and terrain instead. We will use the ratio of 1 map area becomes 4". So your average person will move 4", a handgun will fire 8", and a rifle can hit up to 40" away.
I have only just started to work on this in the last few hours, so it is still more of a outline in my head then anything else. But hopefully I can have it all worked out in the next couple weeks.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Can you have a draw with the dead?

Yesterday was the big zombie day. It was very entertaining despite some problems with the rules. It seems that the Apoc-Z book needed LOTS more work before it was ready for the public. Some very core rules for playing the zombies are not explained very clearly. In fact alot of the wording for some of the zombie rules conflict with core rule mechanics. This was a rushed project (they admit as much on their forum) and it shows... If I had paid more then a $1 for this book I would be upset.
So anyways, we muddled our way through the maze of rules and still had fun with two games.

First was a resource patrol and this was fought to a stand still. The humans need units of 5 models to explore buildings. When the dust settled the humans had run out of 5 man units (one had left with a token already and the second was carrying a token). But the zombies were pretty spread out. So it was decided to end it in a tie.

Second we started to play a Rescue mission thing. But it didn't take long for us to realize we were doing something wrong... My zombie hordes (who have a 3" move) had crossed the board by turn two and had over run the base. Some of those confusing rules state that zombies move towards any gun fire... so each time the human player fired a unit, we moved the zombies closer... well when 6 or so units fire the zombes moved nearly TWO FEET... and it wasn't even their turn! By the time we realised that we had to be doing something wrong it was after 10pm.

I had a nearly three hour drive to get back home, so we ended the night then and there. But we had some discussion on how to try things next time.

I also learned that Grant plays (or atleast has a copy of) All Things Zombie. So maybe next time we will be playing that instead...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yonkers anyone?

I spent a couple hours last night creating the following lists for the upcoming Apocalypse Z day.

First off the Living. This is, depending on how you look at it, an over strength platoon or a under strength company. It is build straight from the Modern Combat rulebook with the point cost modifier from the Apocalypse Z book. It includes:
4 US Army Rifle Squad, with the Future Force Warrior gear upgrade
2 Abrams MBT
Should make for a solid line of defense.

Then we have the Undead. This is a slight alteration to the list I have sticking to for awhile now. It probably is not a great dead list for most of the scenarios but should be pretty fun.
Zombie Overlord w/Command Undead, Call Of The Flesh, Nimble, Tough, and Shroud Of Darkness.
6 Zombie Hordes of 20 Zeds, including 2 Brutes, all with Acid Blood
2 mobs of 10 Bile Zombies.

Thankfully the models I am using for the Living are the now OOP Battlefield Evolution US Marine Corp, so they are pre-painted. Now I just need to get the 141 Zombies painted.... (que zombie moan)