Sunday, August 29, 2010

Can you have a draw with the dead?

Yesterday was the big zombie day. It was very entertaining despite some problems with the rules. It seems that the Apoc-Z book needed LOTS more work before it was ready for the public. Some very core rules for playing the zombies are not explained very clearly. In fact alot of the wording for some of the zombie rules conflict with core rule mechanics. This was a rushed project (they admit as much on their forum) and it shows... If I had paid more then a $1 for this book I would be upset.
So anyways, we muddled our way through the maze of rules and still had fun with two games.

First was a resource patrol and this was fought to a stand still. The humans need units of 5 models to explore buildings. When the dust settled the humans had run out of 5 man units (one had left with a token already and the second was carrying a token). But the zombies were pretty spread out. So it was decided to end it in a tie.

Second we started to play a Rescue mission thing. But it didn't take long for us to realize we were doing something wrong... My zombie hordes (who have a 3" move) had crossed the board by turn two and had over run the base. Some of those confusing rules state that zombies move towards any gun fire... so each time the human player fired a unit, we moved the zombies closer... well when 6 or so units fire the zombes moved nearly TWO FEET... and it wasn't even their turn! By the time we realised that we had to be doing something wrong it was after 10pm.

I had a nearly three hour drive to get back home, so we ended the night then and there. But we had some discussion on how to try things next time.

I also learned that Grant plays (or atleast has a copy of) All Things Zombie. So maybe next time we will be playing that instead...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yonkers anyone?

I spent a couple hours last night creating the following lists for the upcoming Apocalypse Z day.

First off the Living. This is, depending on how you look at it, an over strength platoon or a under strength company. It is build straight from the Modern Combat rulebook with the point cost modifier from the Apocalypse Z book. It includes:
4 US Army Rifle Squad, with the Future Force Warrior gear upgrade
2 Abrams MBT
Should make for a solid line of defense.

Then we have the Undead. This is a slight alteration to the list I have sticking to for awhile now. It probably is not a great dead list for most of the scenarios but should be pretty fun.
Zombie Overlord w/Command Undead, Call Of The Flesh, Nimble, Tough, and Shroud Of Darkness.
6 Zombie Hordes of 20 Zeds, including 2 Brutes, all with Acid Blood
2 mobs of 10 Bile Zombies.

Thankfully the models I am using for the Living are the now OOP Battlefield Evolution US Marine Corp, so they are pre-painted. Now I just need to get the 141 Zombies painted.... (que zombie moan)

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Dead time in the old town tonight

So I am just over a week away from my first games of Apocalypse Z.
I have the following list ready to go (still unpainted but some light converting done).

8 Zombie Hordes of 20 Zeds each
2 Bile Zombie units of 10 Zeds each
Zombie Overlord (with alot less powers then before)

This is 2000 points and rather numbers heavy. Not much for special types but a chance to see what a ton of standard Zeds can do.

I am going to try to do some painting, but it is still very hot and hard to use spray paint.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hello out there is Zedland

Sorry for lack of any updates (for those that even care). I have not been doing too much gaming lately, what with the move and just general lack of motivation. What little gaming I have done has just been some simple sci-fi skirmishing and such, nothing really of note. I have had the urge to do some Starship Troopers gaming lately and so what time I have devoted to the hobby has mostly been that.
But I have been reminded why I love the game, but hate the rules. I won't go into details, other then I can't seem to learn how to use Mobile Infantry.
Anyways, I do like the way they re-wrote the rules to make Battlefield Evolution: Modern Combat (though I have played more World At War then Modern Combat). And I expecially like the mods to make Apocalypse-Z.
In fact I am thinking that I am going to put my Starship Troopers project aside for awhile and focus on my Zed Army.
I have been working on (well more of just sorta tossed together) a Zombie Overlord. The basic model is a Horrorclix or Heroclix scientist. This makes him a bit taller then the rest of my zombies, but not so much as to confuse the size level of the model (still size 1 like the regular Zeds). He had these elbow length gloves, one of which I cut off and replaced with a spare plastic zombie arms, so it looks like he lost a glove at some point. Then I trimmed off the head and replaced it with a plastic zombie head. That is about it... oh and I trimmed down his necktie at an off angle to make it looked ripped. Also I cut a few bits out of his lab coat to make it too like a bit ratted.
I might take a couple pics of him and post them, but I am trying to hold off till I have him at least base coated. But the heat is still to much for doing any spray painting.
So anyways, thats about it for now. The plan is currently to drive to Phoenix on the 28th for a whole day of Apocalypse-Z and Starship Troopers gaming. I am about to send Grant and e-mail telling him that I would rather skip the Starship Troopers stuff and focus on the Zed games, of course he is a follower here too, so maybe he will get the message here.
So if I don't post anything before then, I will try to remember to get some pictures of the zombie games that day and post them here.
Later all.