Friday, April 16, 2010

Its a dangerous place, a dead place, it's Zed City

Welcome to Zed City. A place for me to record the on going zombie gaming projects I have just begun.
Also I plan to post after action reports about the games played in Zed City.

So first off here is what I have started.

I have printed off a small selection of the nice paper buildings provided by Germy's World. They have a slight cartoon like quality to them, I think it might be the colors, but thats fine with me. I really like these. They don't take much effort to build (though getting the corners to line up right is something I have problems with). I have at this point about a dozen or so built.

I still have a few more waiting to be built, but I decided I wanted to take a stab at making some roads.
So the other day I found some free paper road tiles. I printed them out on heavy cardstock but they were just too light to keep from curling. So this morning I took some spray glue and a second sheet of cardstock and gave them some extra backing. This has not stopped the curling completely, but they are now stiff enough that they can be pressed flat and will stay that way for a couple hours or so. Certainly long enough for a game.

So that is my project so far.

The other night I placed my first order for Wargames Factory's nice looking plastic zombie kits. I went a tad over board and ordered two of their Super Zombie Horde deals, so thats four hundred and eighty zombie figures. But based on some pictures posted on their forums by a creative fellow going by the name Sagh, I am planning to convert some of these zombies back into living survivors. Should make for an interesting collection of zombie fighters, and of course a matching zombie figure of the surivior after they have been turned.

I also have a copy of the highly recommended All Things Zombie and Haven ordered an on the way. These rules should provide me with endless hours of zombie fighting fun.

Well thats it for now. I will post more when I have more to post.
Good luck and remember the rules of zombie survival.


  1. hey nick!

    herrodadog, here and like you i'm a gamer that's interested in lots of things. just recently got into zombies and started a blog last month as well. you might appreciate this post i did just recently:

    good luck with your blog, btw!

  2. Looking good so far. I have ATZ (yet to play a game) and other THW so I am interested in seeing how you continue.

  3. Your off to a fine start! Just get the mechanics down real good with small numbers of figs and then expand. The system becomes automatic pretty fast. And of course just ask when you have questions.
    Looking forward to more Zombies on the web.

  4. Looks great. Can't wait to see more. Where did you find your free street tiles? I'd love to get me some of those.

  5. Brendan, I think I went to the Fat Dragon Games website. They had sidewalks to begin with. But that made them much to wide for my small 4'x3' table. So I had to trim the sidewalks off.