Friday, April 30, 2010

Irwin's Big Day Out

So I decided to give Irwin a shot. He teamed up with Fozzy to check out a crash scene at a little truck stop outside of town.

I have a little 2'x2' game board that has been sitting in my closet unused for over a year now. So I figured I would bust it out and get some use out of it.
To adjust for the smaller game board, I converted all distances to centimeters. It's the same thing I do for games when I use 15mm figures, which just so happen to use the same sized pennies for bases that these guys are using. It seemed to work out fine. I may continue to use centimeters for all my ATZ games, as my normal table is just 3'x4' anyways.

Okay, so on with the show.

As I said, they are here to check out the crashed bus and semi. Just what they are looking for... I don't know. But Fozzy feels that it is his duty to look into it.

Right off to start the boys are in trouble. A zed suddenly appeared out of the woods and grabbed Irwin. Mean while little does Fozzy know, but a couple more zeds are following him down the lane.

Irwin has little trouble taking down his ambusher. But Fozzy just can't do anything about the zombie who grabbed him from behind.

While Irwin catches his breath, another zombie piles onto Fozzy. He manages to take out his original attacker, but goes down to the new threat.

Irwin, hearing Fozzy's screams turns to see the zombie take a bite out of Fozzy's belly. Irwin just couldn't handle it. He ran over and puked next to the car.

Taking a moment to pull himself back together, Irwin psychs up to avenge his fallen friend.

Irwin jumped up and unloaded his shotgun on the still feasting zed. But the loud bang got the attention of another zombie.

This one Irwin decided to take out the old fashion way. He charged forward and smashed it a good one with the butt of his gun. But having lost his friend and the local area being clear of zeds, Irwin packed it in and left the crash site behind.

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  1. A semi truck and trailer would make a tempting target for any looters. What a shame your survivors never got to check it out! Still, a nice batrep and Irwin probably made the right decision to leg it off the board. At least he gets to live to fight another day.