Monday, May 10, 2010

Just can't shake the Zeds

I just finished putting together the first half of my zombie horde.

Also I have the last of my survivors put together.

And now it's on to the second half.


  1. Wow, that is going to be a nice horde! Get to work, we can't wait :)

  2. Last night, when I should have been sleeping :), I put my my Firefly dvd on and got to clipping the remaining sprues. I am about half way through the clipping. After that it will take about a week or so for me to assemble the zeds. I will snap another couple pics once the horde is complete.
    Then I need to work out the whole painting thing. I may go with "Paint 2-3 zeds a day".

  3. I'm a terrible, hack painter with low motivation. The only way I can paint zombies is going in phases with big swathes; like twenty-five at a time.
    I put a basecoat on twenty five. Then put a skin coat. Then go in at one color per paint session, ad infinitum. Some nights I might only put a certain color on three of the twenty five and do a couple colors more. The final stages with the gore and inks fly by because you feel like you're on the home stretch and really bringing some zombies out of the boring plastic/metal you once had.
    Then again, what really matters is whether or not you actually get them done - so if painting two a day works for you, more power to you!
    Probably what's more import