Tuesday, May 25, 2010


After going through the forums over at Wargames Factory I feel more then a little bummed.
I wish I hadn't been so quick to order all those zombies from them. Instead I wish I had gone with Mega Mini's. They cost about twice as much as the plastic ones, but they have so many more poses and a line of civilians that match.
Now I am stuck with either taking some sort of a loss and trying to sell the plastic ones to buy metal ones, or sticking it out and going else where for my civilian needs.


  1. I can highly recommend the Mega Minis zombies, having reviewed most of them on my blog in recent weeks. Final review coming up on Sunday (shameless plug!). Quite a few of their zombies are based on their civilian figures, especially the zombie kids. I'd certainly recommend going for the Mega Minis figures and if you think you have too many WF zombies then try to offload some. Mind you, is it possible to have too many zombies?

  2. Vampifan, I have been following your Mega Mini's Zombie reviews. I was wondering how much size differance there is between the MM and WF figures?
    I mounted all my WF zombies on pennies. Can you make up any differance in height with taller bases? Or is the size too great?

  3. Nick, the two ranges are very compatible with regards to size. If you stick your Mega Minis' figures on pennies as well, you'll find them a perfect match. I stick most of my figures on 25mm circular slottabases, whether the figures have slots or not. Both the WF and MM figures come with integral bases and I assure you, they match up well together. Good news, huh?

  4. Yeah, that is good news. I will just add in the MM stuff to my WF then. Thanks for the info.

  5. I'm painting a zombie horde myself. After spending so much time looking for appropriate survivors I can't believe it never occurred to me to convert zeds into survivors.
    As for the Mega Minis zombies, I have to disagree. They are just too small to integrate with the Wargames Factory zombies. Also, the Mega Minis sculpts are way too chunky and cartoonish for my tastes. The only drawback to the WF zeds is the lack of females. The good news is that they will be coming out with female zombies (eventually).