Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another game to play

I just paid for a copy of Apocalypse-Z and Battlefield Evolution: Modern Combat from EBay. So hopefully in a few weeks or so I can give another zombie ruleset a try.

I have played Battlefield Evolution: World At War a couple times and I am a big fan of the Starship Troopers game. So I already have some idea of the basic game. But I am interested in the other types of zombies.

I have accepted the fact that I way over bought zombies for All Things Zombie. So a chance to play large scale battles between survivor army units and swarms of zeds seemed like a good idea. I can use some of my mass horde to make some of the special zombie types.

Speaking of my horde. I do have about three quarters of the double super horde assembled (somewhere around 350 or so). But I will leave the remaining hundred or so alone until I have had a chance to look at Apoc-Z.


  1. I played a demo of Apocalypse-Z at a convention last year and it was an interesting little game. The zombies can be more than your basic: "Move forward trying to eat things" which is a nice change, but the people I was playing with put me a bit on edge. Still, I'm curious what you think!

  2. Once I have had the chance to read through it I will do a little review of it. Then once I get in a game or two I will re-review it :)

  3. To make you feel better, I wouldn't be too quick to think you over bought on Zeds.
    I bet I could use every single one of those Zombies in my games!
    I'm in a time crunch in real life right now so please put up another nice table and batrep so I can live vicariously through you!

  4. Most of my stuff is getting packed away for the big move next month. So I won't be getting much, if any, games in until I have moved. But on the plus side, the new room I am getting might just have enough space for my 6'x6' table to come in out of the garage and be right there in my bed/gaming room.