Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yonkers anyone?

I spent a couple hours last night creating the following lists for the upcoming Apocalypse Z day.

First off the Living. This is, depending on how you look at it, an over strength platoon or a under strength company. It is build straight from the Modern Combat rulebook with the point cost modifier from the Apocalypse Z book. It includes:
4 US Army Rifle Squad, with the Future Force Warrior gear upgrade
2 Abrams MBT
Should make for a solid line of defense.

Then we have the Undead. This is a slight alteration to the list I have sticking to for awhile now. It probably is not a great dead list for most of the scenarios but should be pretty fun.
Zombie Overlord w/Command Undead, Call Of The Flesh, Nimble, Tough, and Shroud Of Darkness.
6 Zombie Hordes of 20 Zeds, including 2 Brutes, all with Acid Blood
2 mobs of 10 Bile Zombies.

Thankfully the models I am using for the Living are the now OOP Battlefield Evolution US Marine Corp, so they are pre-painted. Now I just need to get the 141 Zombies painted.... (que zombie moan)

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