Sunday, August 29, 2010

Can you have a draw with the dead?

Yesterday was the big zombie day. It was very entertaining despite some problems with the rules. It seems that the Apoc-Z book needed LOTS more work before it was ready for the public. Some very core rules for playing the zombies are not explained very clearly. In fact alot of the wording for some of the zombie rules conflict with core rule mechanics. This was a rushed project (they admit as much on their forum) and it shows... If I had paid more then a $1 for this book I would be upset.
So anyways, we muddled our way through the maze of rules and still had fun with two games.

First was a resource patrol and this was fought to a stand still. The humans need units of 5 models to explore buildings. When the dust settled the humans had run out of 5 man units (one had left with a token already and the second was carrying a token). But the zombies were pretty spread out. So it was decided to end it in a tie.

Second we started to play a Rescue mission thing. But it didn't take long for us to realize we were doing something wrong... My zombie hordes (who have a 3" move) had crossed the board by turn two and had over run the base. Some of those confusing rules state that zombies move towards any gun fire... so each time the human player fired a unit, we moved the zombies closer... well when 6 or so units fire the zombes moved nearly TWO FEET... and it wasn't even their turn! By the time we realised that we had to be doing something wrong it was after 10pm.

I had a nearly three hour drive to get back home, so we ended the night then and there. But we had some discussion on how to try things next time.

I also learned that Grant plays (or atleast has a copy of) All Things Zombie. So maybe next time we will be playing that instead...


  1. ATZ - go on, you know you want to! Seriously though, when I started my blog I was a playtester for a new set of zombie skirmish rules. I still played ATZ at the time. The game I was playtesting never took off and has died a quiet death. Yet ATZ is going from strength to strength. It really takes some beating!

  2. Vamp is spot on. You should definitely check out ATZ. Dare I say it, but I think ATZ is the best minis game ever made.

  3. I am going to start getting in some more ATZ games in the next couple weeks. I want to be very comfortable with the rules because my brother and his family are coming form the other side of the country for a visit in early Oct. The young'uns are just starting to get into gaming (cards and RPGs mostly) and my brother is a huge zombie fan.
    We are only going to have one or two evenings for gaming, we are all going to visit the theme parks around CA while they are here. But I hope to make them good games, since it will probably be a few years before we are together again for more games.