Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hello out there is Zedland

Sorry for lack of any updates (for those that even care). I have not been doing too much gaming lately, what with the move and just general lack of motivation. What little gaming I have done has just been some simple sci-fi skirmishing and such, nothing really of note. I have had the urge to do some Starship Troopers gaming lately and so what time I have devoted to the hobby has mostly been that.
But I have been reminded why I love the game, but hate the rules. I won't go into details, other then I can't seem to learn how to use Mobile Infantry.
Anyways, I do like the way they re-wrote the rules to make Battlefield Evolution: Modern Combat (though I have played more World At War then Modern Combat). And I expecially like the mods to make Apocalypse-Z.
In fact I am thinking that I am going to put my Starship Troopers project aside for awhile and focus on my Zed Army.
I have been working on (well more of just sorta tossed together) a Zombie Overlord. The basic model is a Horrorclix or Heroclix scientist. This makes him a bit taller then the rest of my zombies, but not so much as to confuse the size level of the model (still size 1 like the regular Zeds). He had these elbow length gloves, one of which I cut off and replaced with a spare plastic zombie arms, so it looks like he lost a glove at some point. Then I trimmed off the head and replaced it with a plastic zombie head. That is about it... oh and I trimmed down his necktie at an off angle to make it looked ripped. Also I cut a few bits out of his lab coat to make it too like a bit ratted.
I might take a couple pics of him and post them, but I am trying to hold off till I have him at least base coated. But the heat is still to much for doing any spray painting.
So anyways, thats about it for now. The plan is currently to drive to Phoenix on the 28th for a whole day of Apocalypse-Z and Starship Troopers gaming. I am about to send Grant and e-mail telling him that I would rather skip the Starship Troopers stuff and focus on the Zed games, of course he is a follower here too, so maybe he will get the message here.
So if I don't post anything before then, I will try to remember to get some pictures of the zombie games that day and post them here.
Later all.


  1. I'm always ready for a good batrep, so get motivated!
    But seriously, I am in my Summer slump as well. The problem we have is that it is just too darned hot and so we can only do big games when we have a large air conditioned place to do them. That's only about once a month but we do manage to game a lot of small stuff in the meantime. Sometimes the little games are as good or better.

  2. I am in the last stages of starting an ATZ campaign too. I think I have to be less ambitious for my first campaign game to keep my motivation high. So many ideas were in my head for a good intro, but I think that I would probably waste months planning instead of gaming, so I think Mr. Whiteface will just do a few Day One scenarios for an intro.

    Nothing wrong with Starship Troopers. I love Starship Troopers. Just send them against some Space Zombies...

  3. Hi there, good to find another Zed head, thought I would say 'Hi', If your after some inspiration pop by and have a look at my Zed Project, I will follow yours with Zedticipation :)